2015 Recipients

Chairman's Award
John B. Goering

The Chairman’s Award is the UC Foundation’s highest recognition for a volunteer who has made a noteworthy, university-wide philanthropic impact. This year, the prestigious award went to John Goering, a 1958 and 1960 (MBA) graduate from the Lindner College of Business. Goering served as a professor in the College of Business until 1981 while simultaneously acting as University Registrar and Associate Vice President of Admissions and Records from 1967 to 1975.

His passion for accelerating family-held businesses led him to both fund and found the Goering Center for Family and Private Business at the College of Business. The Goering Center provides strategic counsel, direction and networking opportunities for those who operate closely-held or family businesses. As one of the longest-serving trustees in UC Foundation history (1988-2014), Goering is also credited with providing oversight, direction and support during two major fundraising campaigns.

Trustees' Award
Michael McGraw

The UC Foundation’s Trustees’ Award recognizes a volunteer’s contribution to advance philanthropy for a specific UC college or area. In recognition of his nearly two decades of service and support to ensure Greater Cincinnati has access to the highest level of care for eye and vision disorders, Michael McGraw was honored with the Trustees’ Award.

In 1996, McGraw established and led the Quest for Vision Advisory Board, bringing together business leaders and volunteers interested in eye and vision disorders to partner with ophthalmologists and researchers from the UC Department of Ophthalmology. The Quest for Vision Advisory Board supports fundraising for ophthalmic research at UC that will advance understanding and provide effective management of eye diseases and uncorrectable causes of vision loss.

Group Philanthropy Award
Friends of CCM

New this year, the Group Philanthropy Award honors a group that has been highly engaged in philanthropic activities at UC and has made a significant positive impact. The Friends of CCM, a group that has advocated for UC’s award-winning College-Conservatory of Music for more than 30 years, took home the inaugural award.

The Friends of CCM and the CCM Alumni Boards recently joined together to become one organization. With approximately 600 members and an active board led by President Donna de Graff, Friends of CCM raises more than $300,000 each year to benefit the college’s extraordinary students, faculty and programs. Its longstanding efforts to enrich CCM have helped ensure that it remains one of the nation’s leading performing and media arts conservatories — and grows stronger through new opportunities and collaborations.

UC Foundation Staff Award of Merit
Cady Short-Thompson

UC Blue Ash College Dean Cady Short-Thompson received the UC Foundation’s Staff Award of Merit, which recognizes a staff member who has fostered a culture of philanthropy at UC and embraced the spirit of Dr. George Rieveschl, Jr. Rieveschl was a visionary philanthropist, internationally-known chemist, scientist, UC alumnus, professor, researcher and inventor of the antihistamine Benadryl.

Short-Thompson currently oversees more than 5,200 students, more than 700 employees and nearly 50 degrees and certificate programs. She received the Staff Award of Merit in recognition of her tireless work to increase scholarship funding and support so fewer students drop out or “stop out” of their educational pursuits due to financial hardships. In addition to significantly increasing the scholarships available via active fundraising, she helped develop UC Blue Ash’s Emergency Relief Loan Fund for students who encounter unexpected challenges. She also served as a co-chair for the 2015 Faculty/Staff Campaign, the university’s most successful faculty and staff fundraising campaign on record.

Student Philanthropy Award
Jack Kelly

Students are often the primary beneficiaries of donor support at UC, but Lindner College of Business student Jack Kelly has been on the other side — encouraging investments from alumni through the university’s telefund student caller program and realizing amazing results for UC. In recognition of his on-campus philanthropy, Kelly received the UC Foundation’s Student Philanthropy Award.

Since joining telefund, Kelly has brought in more than 1,200 gift pledges and raised more than $196,000 for scholarships, discretionary funds and annual giving initiatives. Kelly helped motivate other students to participate, attracting new student callers through his fraternity, encouraging his fellow telefund callers and sharing tips for success. Last year, he served as Annual Giving Co-op Student at the UC Foundation, where he learned about strategy and donor cultivation.

Past Recipients

Chairman's Award 

2014 Phil D. Collins
2013 Kirk Perry                       
2012 Jerry P. Leamon
2011 Sandra W. Heimann
2010 Anthony J. Perzigian, PhD
2009 Jeffrey P. Williams
2008 James C. Kautz
2007 George L. Strike
2006 Timothy E. Johnson, PhD
2005 Jeffrey L. Wyler
2004 Otto M. Budig, Jr.
2003 Brian H. Rowe
2002 Joan R. Herschede
1999 Reuven J. Katz
1998 Marjorie Hiatt
Thomas H. Humes, Jr.
1997 J. Clay Stinnett
H.C. Buck Niehoff
1996 Sigma Sigma
1995 James A.D. Geier
1994 Donald E. Becker
Robert J. Herbold
1993 Jack E. Brown
Dorsey W. Jones


Trustees' Award 

2014 A.J. “Gus” McPhie
2013 Ed and Jean Wedbush
2012 Todd C. DeGarmo
2011 John M. Tew, Jr., MD
2010 Larry A. Sheakley
2009 Cora K. Ogle
2008 Robert E. Dobbs
2007 James J. Amann
2006 John Cuppoletti, PhD
2005 Gary E. Menchhofer
Margaret K. Valentine
2004 George J. Wile
2003 John B. Goering
2002 Roger H. Zanitsch
1999 S. Jay Stewart
1998 Nancy R. Hamant
1997 Eugene R. Allspach
Lamar L. Kerr
George A. Kralovich, Jr.
1996 James C. Kautz
1995 James A.D. Geier
John J. McDonough
1994 Frances D. Cohen
Jack L. Kopinsky
1993 Mary Ellen Betz
James E. Sauls, Sr.


UC Foundation Staff Award of Merit  

2014 Caroline Brotherton-Miller
2013 William Mulvihill
2012 Linda E. Bledsoe
2011 Steve Rosfeld
Judy Rowe See
2009 William E. Henrich
2007 Richard W. Bauer


President's Medal of Honor  

2013 Steve Wilson       


Student Philanthropy Award 

2014 Andrew Harmon  

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